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For more than 90 years, JFCO has proven to be a reliable, quality ingredient supplier, specialized in providing a platform of marketing, distribution, and customer service for our domestic and international partners.

At JFCO, we put in the time to cultivate and maintain long term relationships with suppliers and customers. We believe in the power of a handshake and the nod of agreement, and strive to provide a measurable level of value for our partners in each activity we perform.

JFCO consists of two divisions, Food Ingredients and Animal Nutrition, each supporting the other. We believe that our connection to the farms that produce the ingredients we are marketing allows JFCO a unique connection to the source.

By combining our marketing and distribution strengths with the production capabilities of the producers we represent, JFCO is able to provide a secure and safe supply chain of ingredients, as well as customized service solutions to fit the needs of each customer.