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At JFCO, our customized service solutions and integrated information systems provide a steady and reliable delivery platform. The producers we represent are some of the best in the world, and by utilizing our expert staff to provide the highest standard of customer service available, we consistently deliver upon our objective; to add value to the quality of the products we market and distribute.

Sales & Marketing
JFCO sales professionals have an extensive knowledge of the products we sell. From product application and performance, to competitive landscapes and supply demand scenarios, we pride ourselves in being connected to the markets. To ensure timely communication and effective market coverage, our sales staff are located in strategic locations throughout Asia, Mexico, Europe, and the western half of the United States.

JFCO provides extensive global logistics services, delivering food ingredients and animal nutrition products to our customers worldwide. We know the importance of using high quality modes of storage and transportation, ensuring timely deliveries, providing clear traceability by maintaining safe and secure control to the destination, and throughout it all, maintaining a seamless line of communication. We control the supply chain throughout the process, taking product directly from the manufacturer and delivering it to the customer’s destination of choice. Our customers know that what they order is what they will receive, and suppliers know exactly where and to whom the products are going.

Our in-house documentation team ensures that as product is shipped, the required documentation is sent with each shipment, and that we are in compliance with each state and/or countries requirements.