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About Us

   In 1920, James Farrell & Co. was established as a import/export company located in downtown Seattle, Washington. From day one, JFCO has been dedicated to being a leader in the marketing and distribution of ingredients around the world. 

   In the early days of JFCO, we worked with products like: vegetable oils, fish oils, fish meals, and other byproducts. Over the years, as products changed, so too did JFCO.  In the early 1990's, JFCO expanded its presence in the U.S. dairy market as an international ingredient marketing and distribution partner for numerous U.S. dairy cooperatives. JFCO quickly became one of the leading exporters from the U.S. 
   Domestically JFCO began working more directly with farmers, providing animal nutrition to the dairies who produced the very milk used in the products we export.  These efforts created synergies and lasting relationships.
   Today, despite plenty of change throughout the years, one constant has remained, and that is our commitment to our producers and our customers.  JFCO works everyday to be the best marketing and distribution partner in the world.  
It is what we do.