Animal Nutrition

Our mission at JFCO to provide quality nutrition to the world extends beyond just human health.  At JFCO we have a farm level understanding and involvement within the dairy industry.  Our experienced Animal Nutrition team works closely with dairy farmers to provide animal health and feed ingredient solutions that help to ensure high quality dairy production.  




Principle™ Minerals:

     Acidified Copper Sulfate

     Copper Sulfate

     Manganese Sulfate

     Zinc Sulfate

Principle™  Rumen Bypass Fat:

     XF 80 (Palm Fat)

Dairy Ingredients:

     Buttermilk Powder

     Calf Milk Replacers

     Dairy Protein Blends 


     Malt Sprouts

     Skim Milk Powder

     Whey Permeate

     Whey Powder

     Whey Protein Concentrates (WPCs)